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Preparing for Winter Operations

I know, you’re thinking so soon?! It isn’t. Starting now can keep your operations running smoothly without any cold weather issues. Below are some high points to consider.


  • Coolant condition and protection level – Is the coolant clean (rust-free)? Check the PH and the freeze point protection level.

  • Coolant hose condition and leaks – Check the hoses for soft spots and water coolant streaking.

  • Battery cable condition and cleanliness – Inspect the cables (both ends) for corrosion, clean and retighten them.

  • Battery condition – Check that the battery is secure. Clean the tie-downs as necessary.

  • Belt condition – Check all the accessory belts for cracking and check for proper tightness.

  • Air system condition – Check for air leaks and correct them. Check air system for proper operation, as a slow operating air system when it’s warm could become an air system that won’t function properly when it gets cold. Make sure the air tank drains are easy to access, add drains with cables if necessary.

  • Air dryer condition – A lot of new refuelers are fitted with air dryers. Most air dryers are rebuildable, and this would be a good time to do it.

  • Air system lubrication – Some air systems have lubricators. Ensure the lubricators are full and functioning properly.

  • Pumping system – Thoroughly check the pumping system looking for “weeps” (a darkened area that is the beginning of a leak). If fitted, change the oil on the pump gearcase. Check and grease the PTO shaft. Check the hose reel chain for tightness and lubricate.

  • Tires and wheels – Check the tread depth and tire pressure.

  • Drive train – Check lubricant levels and change if due.

Tank Farms

  • Pump gearbox - If fitted, change the oil on the pump gearcase.

  • Swivels - Check the hose reel swivel for weeps.

  • Leaks - Thoroughly check the pumping system looking for weeps.

For more detailed information on fueling system winter preparation, please contact your EPIC Fuels Risk Management Specialist.


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