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How to get your team “ramp ready” fast

EPIC’s one-day training seminars are offered in locations across the U.S. to provide training to employees at FBOs within the EPIC and UVair FBO Network. These trainings are conducted by our Regional Risk Management Specialists who have extensive General Aviation experience and our NATA Safety 1st Trained Auditors.

Hands-on training content includes:

  • Fuel receipt by common carrier truck

  • Field test procedures for aviation fuels

  • Fuel farm inspection and maintenance

  • Refueler inspection and preventative maintenance

  • Fire extinguisher use

Are you at an EPIC or UVair FBO Network location and want to revitalize your team’s approach to quality? Visit with your Risk Management Specialist or Regional Sales Manager to learn more.

Not a part of our FBO Network? Contact us to learn more about EPIC and the opportunities that await you.


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