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EPIC Partners with Boeing and Alaska Airlines for the Latest SAF Operations Using 50% SAF Blend

EPIC has supported both Boeing and Alaska Airlines with SAF projects since 2012. Our most recent project started in July with the 737-9 MAX ecoDemonstrator program. EPIC will supply over 250,000 gallons of 50% blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) over the next few months.

The Boeing ecoDemonstrator program will flight test about 20 technologies on a new 737-9 to enhance the safety and sustainability of air travel. The ecoDemonstrator 737-9 will test advanced technologies to cut emissions by use of SAF, reduce noise and recycle carbon composites.

“We have a long history of working with Boeing to advance aviation technology, safety and fuel efficiency,” said Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ Vice President, Public Affairs and Sustainability. “Alaska Airlines flies to some of the most beautiful and geographically diverse regions in the world and we are committed to finding ways to reduce climate impacts across our network. This work with Boeing to accelerate innovation on the ecoDemonstrator program enables us to contribute to a more sustainable future for our global community.”

Since 2012, the ecoDemonstrator programs have accelerated innovation by taking nearly 200 promising technologies out of the lab and testing them in the air to address challenges for the aviation industry and improve the passenger experience. EPIC has provided SAF to all ecoDemonstator flight operations, which have included many aircraft types, like 757, 787 and now the 737max. We have provided over one million gallons of SAF for these projects over the years. Most notably was the use of 100% SAF fuel for several flights which proved the concept that aircraft can operate without any issues on this pure SAF product. EPIC also helped promote the use of SAF by providing fuel at commercial volumes and pricing, which is key for the future of commercial aviation. EPIC has been the first call for SAF projects which require unique fuel handling, testing, sourcing supply and competitive logistics packages to not only meet the customers’ requirements but also do it with fiscal responsibility.

EPIC will continue to be the leader in the SAF fuel space with a long-proven track record working with key companies to meet the carbon reduction goals our industry has set.


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