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EPIC Partner Colorado Air and Space Port Enhances FBO Offerings with New Projects and Upgrades

Watkins, CO - Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP) continues to strengthen its reputation as a premier fixed-base operator (FBO) option for visitors to Denver with a range of new projects and upgrades.

Currently, the airport is in the process of constructing an airport perimeter fence, which will increase security and access control, offering added peace of mind for those using the facilities. In addition, CASP has embarked on an extensive airport pavement rehabilitation and lighting project, which includes installing taxiway edge lights on the airport's three main taxiways and connectors, providing increased visibility and safety for pilots.

Located just 25 miles east of downtown Denver and a mere 7 miles from Denver International Airport, CASP is the ideal choice for visitors to the Mile High City. Compared to other airports in the vicinity, Colorado Air and Space Port has much less congestion while still providing easy access to the city's numerous attractions.

To further enhance its offerings, CASP has recently joined the EPIC Fuels network and added new refuelers from EPIC, as well as a brand-new QTpod M4000 self-serve unit, ensuring that the airport can provide top-notch service to all visitors, no matter their needs.

"We are committed to ensuring that our airport remains a top choice for visitors to Denver," said Jeff Kloska, Director of CASP. "With these new projects and upgrades, we are excited to provide an even better experience for our guests, from enhanced safety and security measures to top-of-the-line facilities and equipment."

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