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Fueling Your Success


Choosing a fuel supplier is a complex decision with multiple factors that can affect your business for many years. While it might be appealing to simply choose a supplier based solely on the price per gallon, you may be unknowingly funding the lower price with hidden fees or margins. You also may be subjecting your business to unnecessary risk if your supply is tied to just one source. At EPIC Fuels, we believe in a partnership approach in our business and are committed to transparency. We encourage all FBOs to check out how their current supplier stacks up.



Business Solutions

Business Transparency

  • Transparency on into-plane rates and all fees in your contracts, including card processing fees and contract fuel margins.

Industry-Leading Safety and Risk Management

  • Annual inspections of fueling operations to ensure compliance with industry standards. Quality and safety training and compliance audits. Access to 3rd party liability insurance.

Unique Logistics

  • EPIC has long served the logging and agribusiness industries as well as supported aerial firefighting in remote locations. We are leaders in the supply and delivery of aviation fuels to remote bases and operations requiring unique logistics.

Fuel Types and Deliveries

  • All grades of aviation and ground fuels with on-time deliveries from fuel-grade-dedicated tankers. Ability to track fuel deliveries online to maximize line staff time. Order and delivery capabilities 24/7/365.


  • Multiple options designed to meet your refueler fleet needs now and in the future.

Supply Diversity

  • Extensive fuel supply network with redundant supply points, including international and domestic refiners, to ensure uninterrupted supply and insulate against issues related to a single source supplier.

Partnership Approach

  • Regular marketing meetings to drive more profitable business to your ramp. Focus on building your brand, not ours.

Fuel Automation Technology

  • Comprehensive, patented into-wing fuel management system used by the top airlines. Next-Gen self-service fueling terminals.

Proprietary Technology

  • EPIC AVMAN – EPIC’s proprietary PoS.

  • Patented fuel automation and inventory technology through QT Technologies.

  • Card programs with wide acceptance and low costs.



Fuel Farm Support

Fuel handling, line training, consulting and inspection services related to fuel dispensing.

If you think it could be time for a new fuel partner, reach out. We'll help you achieve at an even higher level. Tapping into our proven value, services and products starts with a conversation.

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