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We surround ourselves with the industry’s most trusted partners to deliver far more than simply fuel. Our contracted relationships offer even more value and security to the services EPIC provides.

EPIC Fuels the UVair FBO Network

Get ready to be upgraded to first class. Together, EPIC and the UVair® Fuel program have developed an FBO Network to maximize the benefits of this world-class brand alliance. The UVair FBO Network is made up of top-tier, prestigious FBO member locations. All have been carefully selected for a level of unparalleled service that is designed to take care of your flight from start to finish.

MSA/U.S. Bank

In 2014, EPIC launched a global credit card alliance with U.S. Bank’s aviation card division, Multi Service Aviation. This alliance strengthens EPIC’s proprietary card by extending acceptance to all U.S. FBOs and some key international locations. This exclusive relationship presents a key opportunity to gain significant ground in the share of wallet with pilots.

Universal Weather and Aviation

In 2012, EPIC entered into an exclusive branded relationship with the world’s largest aviation trip planner, Universal Weather and Aviation (UWA). In this relationship, the UVair FBO Network was launched as EPIC’s premier branded FBO program. Universal directs traffic to EPIC FBOs and integrates our network into their trip plans for clients. Universal’s relationship with flight departments is extensive and of significant value to our FBO network.


In 2015, EPIC announced an alliance with growing international trip support company, UAS. Through our exclusive alliance, UAS will offer its existing international customers and new U.S.-based clients one-stop shopping for both trip planning through UAS and fuel sales through EPIC. Additionally, EPIC’s customers will have access to over 3000 UAS international supply points, allowing EPIC to tap into the coveted international marketplace.

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SkyNRG, CAO and EPIC Fuels supply Singapore Airlines to operate its first sustainable biofuel flight

May 3, 2017 – On Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) 70th anniversary, the carrier operated its first flight on sustainable biofuel. The morning flight departed from San Francisco Airport on May 1st and arrived in Singapore the next day. SIA partnered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to enable this initiative of 12 biofuel flights […]


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