SkyNRG, CAO and EPIC Fuels supply Singapore Airlines to operate its first sustainable biofuel flight

May 3, 2017

On Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) 70th anniversary, the carrier operated its first flight on sustainable biofuel. The morning flight departed from San Francisco Airport on May 1st and arrived in Singapore the next day. SIA partnered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to enable this initiative of 12 biofuel flights with an Airbus A350-900s, the airlines’ newest fuel-efficient aircraft. Over a three-month period, flight SQ31 will be powered by a blend of sustainable biofuel and conventional jet fuel. The fuel is produced by AltAir Fuels from used cooking oil and supplied by SkyNRG in close cooperation with North American Fuel Corporation (NAFCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd (CAO), and EPIC Fuels. The flights are aimed to raise awareness for biofuels in Singapore and provide experience on the logistics and performance of biofuel to industry stakeholders. In the long run, the parties hope to push for the adoption of regular sustainable aviation biofuel usage in the country.

“Singapore Airlines’ fleet is already among the most modern and fuel-efficient in the world. We now want to push ourselves further and are embarking on this initiative to help promote the use of sustainable biofuel in an operationally and commercially viable manner. This is in line with our long-term commitment to further reduce carbon emissions while improving the efficiency of our operations. This initiative is especially memorable as our first biofuel flight departed from San Francisco on 1 May, when Singapore Airlines celebrated its 70th anniversary,” said SIA’s CEO, Mr Goh Choon Phong.

“Following our longstanding relationship with Singapore Airlines (SIA), we’re excited to see that they’re now taking off with their first sustainable flights. We’re proud to work together on this great initiative with our partners CAO, Epic Fuels and AltAir and look forward to further build our joint expertise. For the long term, we’re committed to work together with SIA to develop a regional supply chain for sustainable aviation fuel in Singapore,” says Maarten van Dijk, CEO SkyNRG.

“We are delighted to participate in Singapore Airlines’ first biofuel flight. CAO’s key strategic objective is to become a niche player in future sustainable transportation fuels. This first biofuel transaction marks CAO Group’s maiden contribution to a sustainable and healthy aviation future, further validating our commitment to a sustainable and healthy environment in the global aviation arena,” said Mr Meng Fanqiu, CEO of CAO.
“We’ve provided expertise in blending and fuel quality testing in multiple demonstration flights with both airframe manufacturers and airlines over the last several years. We are proud to work with leaders in the industry, such as Singapore Airlines, AltAir Fuels, CAO and SkyNRG, in identifying and fast tracking technologies that can improve the environmental performance of aviation fuels,” said Kai Sorenson, Director of Commercial Sales for EPIC Fuels. “We applaud Singapore Airlines and this significant accomplishment.”

“AltAir Fuels is honored to participate in Singapore Airlines’ 70th anniversary by producing the fuel for its inaugural biofuel flight.” AltAir President Bryan Sherbacow added: “As the world’s first renewable jet refinery, AltAir congratulates SIA in its sustainability leadership and helping raise awareness of low carbon aviation fuel.”

About SkyNRG
SkyNRG is the global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), having supplied over 25 airlines worldwide. SkyNRG sources, blends and distributes SAF, guarantees sustainability throughout the supply chain and helps to co-fund the premium. At the same time, SkyNRG focuses on developing regional supply chains that offer a real sustainable and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. SkyNRG has its operations RSB certified and is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board in which the WWF International, Solidaridad, European Climate Foundation and the Energy Academy Europe hold a seat.
About China Aviation Oil (CAO)

CAO is the largest physical jet fuel trader in the Asia Pacific region and the sole supplier of imported jet fuel to the civil aviation industry of the PRC. CAO and its wholly owned subsidiaries – China Aviation Oil (Hong Kong) Company Limited and North American Fuel Corporation supply jet fuel to airports outside the PRC, including Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East. The Company and its wholly owned trading subsidiary, China Aviation Oil (Europe) Limited also engage in international trading of jet fuel and other oil products. The CAO Group owns investments in various strategic oil-related businesses, which include Shanghai Pudong International Airport Aviation Fuel Supply Company Ltd, China National Aviation Fuel TSN-PEK Pipeline Transportation Corporation Ltd, Oilhub Korea Yeosu Co., Ltd, Xinyuan Petrochemicals Co., Ltd and CNAF Hong Kong Refuelling Limited. Asubsidiary of China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation, CAO is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

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subsidiary of China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation, CAO is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

About EPIC Fuels
EPIC Fuels is a global supplier of fuels and services to FBOs, commercial airlines, airports, ground fueling operators, the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and other government agencies around the world. Our largest customers include Fortune 500 flight departments, top-tier FBOs, major airlines, charter and cargo operators as well as all branches of the U.S. military. In addition, we offer the EPIC Card, an aviation fuel card for retail or contract fuel purchases and ancillary services. The EPIC Card is accepted both in and out of network, at over 8000 locations worldwide. For more information, please visit us online at

About AltAir Fuels
AltAir Fuels is a refiner of environmentally sustainable feedstocks for the production of low carbon jet, diesel and gasoline. AltAir’s products meet the same industry certification as the petroleum-based products they replace while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%. Located in Paramount, California, AltAir’s facility is the world’s first renewable fuels refinery with integrated jet fuel production. AltAir is currently undergoing RSB certification.