Tiffin Aviation Services Selects EPIC Fuels

October 10, 2016

EPIC Fuels FBO Network Continues to Grow

Tiffin Aviation Services has selected EPIC Fuels as its new fuel supplier at its Nogales International Airport location.  Tiffin operates the FBO and a well-respected flight school at the Nogales, Arizona airport.  In addition to choosing EPIC as its fuel supplier, Tiffin will also accept the EPIC Card for fuel and ancillary flight-related purchases.

After conducting a review of fuel suppliers, Tiffin selected EPIC based on several factors including overall value, refueler options, customized technical support, dedicated service team and expertise of EPIC Fuels’ team members.  “We’re confident in our choice of EPIC and see them as long-term partners who will play a role in Tiffin’s success,” said Larry Tiffin, president and owner, Tiffin Aviation Services.  “EPIC has been in business for more than 75 years, and I know their team of experienced professionals will be there for us, not just to ensure a constant supply of fuel, but also to help drive business,” said Tiffin.

In addition to aircraft fueling, Tiffin Aviation Services offers a host of services at the Nogales International Airport including aircraft parking (ramp or tie-down), hanger leasing, GPU and power cart and a well-appointed passenger terminal and lounge.  Tiffin is a certified FAR Part 141 pilot school offering flight training as well as aircraft rentals and aerial tours. For more information about Tiffin Aviation Services, visit them online at www.tiffinaviation.com