EPIC Supports NATA Safety 1st Misfueling Prevention Program for FBOs

February 3, 2016

EPIC Applauds NATA for Launching Industry-Wide Misfueling Prevention Awareness Training

FBOs encouraged to take advantage of free, online-based awareness program

This week EPIC joins the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) in encouraging all FBOs to take advantage of the just-released Safety 1st General Aviation Misfueling Prevention Program – a free, online-based awareness program for pilots, line service professionals, FBO general managers and customer service representatives.

“As a leading aviation fuel supplier, EPIC is an advocate for providing industry-wide training that minimizes the risk of misfueling. We are proud to have worked on the development of the content and are an avid supporter of this valuable program. Recent tragic accidents make the use of this program essential in preventing misfueling incidents,” said Mike Mooney VP, Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management at EPIC Aviation LLC. “

“EPIC is recognized for their strong commitment to safety. We appreciate their support, endorsement and assistance in helping spread awareness of this valuable program,” said NATA President and CEO Thomas L. Hendricks.

EPIC’s own team has conducted on-site inspections of all branded locations annually for over 13 years stressing the importance of all misfueling prevention measures. This free training from NATA is another tool to help FBOs and Pilots prevent aircraft misfueling.

The Safety 1st General Aviation Misfueling Prevention Program is available at www.preventmisfueling.com.